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Brief History

Macedonia is the first of the three regions of Northern Greece receiving the evangelical message during the second mission trip of Paul the Apostle in the years 50-52 AD. The first three Christian communities of apostolic origin is Philippi, Thessaloniki and Veria. The first European Christian was baptized in Philippi, the Blessed Lydia.


Thessaloniki was the metropolitan base of Thessaly A. After 379, Macedonia joined the Eastern Roman Empire, continuing to be subject to the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of the West i.e. The Bishop of Rome. The years between 382-389 Metropolitans of Thessaloniki were also apostolic vicars of the Pope for the eastern Illyricum. In 732 the Byzantine emperor Leo III the Isaurian, cut off Illyricum permanently from Rome and appended it to the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. After political changes, the city was given to the Venetians in 1423 and was conquered by the Turks in 1430. All lands of today’s Eccl. province were part of the Ottoman Empire.


Up to the 19th century. Thessaly, Macedonia and Thrace belonged to the Apostolic Vikariate of Constantinople. In 1882 Thessaly and the northern Sporades were detached from the Vikariate of Constantinople and appended to Apostolic Guardianship of Greece (Delegatio Apostolica in Regnum Graeciae). Apostolic Delegate was the Archbishop of Athens. On March 18, 1926, the Apostolic Vikariate of Thessaloniki was founded by Pope Pius XI (AAS 15 [1926], 483) having as jurisdictional terms Macedonia, Western Thrace, Lemnos (which were detached from the Vikariate of Constantinople), Thessaly and North Sporades (which was detached from the Apostolic Guardianship of Greece). The Prelate was entitled: Apostolic Vicar of Thessaloniki.


The Eccl. Province shepherded by the Apostolic Vicar, who until 1970 was the current Archbishop of the Catholics of Athens and since 1992 the current Archbishop of Corfu, Zakynthos-Cephalonia.

Protector of the Ecclesiastical Province

Paul the Apostle

The Feast of the Conversion of Paul the Apostle on January 25th (Roman Synod for Divine Worship Pat. No. 261 / 03.25.1975)

Identity of the Vikariate

Established: 1926

Name: Apostolic Vikariate of Thessaloniki

Location: Stavroupoli – Thessaloniki

Surrogacy Phone: 2310 654256

Surrogacy Fax: 2310 654256